Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I hire a KonMari Consultant?

A: Because you can! KonMari takes motivation and commitment. Some people find it easy to work through the process on their own. Others prefer the support of a Consultant to coach them through to the end. They find it enjoyable to work side by side with someone who knows the KonMari principles and keeps them motivated. Just as a personal trainer helps you reach peak fitness, a KonMari consultant helps you reach your goals for an organized home.

Q: Do I need to read the book "The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up" by Marie Kondo?

A: It is best to read the book before you start the process. The book is inspirational and will help you to have a productive tidying session. However, I can still work with you if you have not read it. The book is in audiobook format also!

Q. How is KonMari different than traditional organizing?

A: KonMari is a once-and-for-all solution. The goal is not to declutter regularly, but to complete it fully, at one time. KonMari has six rules of tidying - commit yourself to tidying, imagine your ideal lifestyle, finish discarding first, tidy by category not by location, follow the right order, and ask yourself if it sparks joy.

Q: Will you make me throw things away?

A: Of course not! Only you can decide what you want to own. The KonMari ethod™ does not subscribe to arbitrary rules regarding the type or amount of things one should own. The category, quantity or quality of what you own is entirely up to you and what brings you joy.

Q: How do I prepare for a KonMari session?

A: There is nothing to change in your home before our first session. The only preparation required is to spend time thinking of your ideal lifestyle. Having a vision is a critical part of the process. Exploring why you want to declutter and organize provides you with the framework and motivation to move forward.

Q: Should I buy storage products ahead of time?

A:  The goal is to use what you have. Once you have completely decluttered you may find that you have many forms of storage already. Dishes, trays, and other items can be repurposed as unique storage containers. Even if you have all the storage containers you need, you still may want to purchase things like drawer dividers or shelving paper, but that can be addressed towards the end of the process.

Q: How long will it take?

A: Every home is different and each client’s goals are unique. Sessions last approximately 4-5 hours. At our initial meeting I will put together a detailed estimate for your project. Most clients find that 3-6 sessions is adequate to put their entire house in order.  

Q: Will you take away my unwanted items?

A: Unfortunately, I cannot dispose of your items but I am happy to help you make a plan to donate to organizations in need.